Uses of Biscuits

Who doesn’t love a biscuit? On its own or with your favorite cuppa biscuit satisfy’s the sweet tooth of anyone. From the humble digestive to a specialist choc chip choc chocolate covered calorie fiend, there is a biscuit for everyone.

Now I’m not going to turn this is to a popularity contest but look at thw quirkier side of biscuits. We all have our own preference but we can all be divided into biters and dunkers. Are you a dunker? Well if you are, you’re going to need a bigger mug!

This colossal Custard Cream is 59cm long and 39cm wide.  It was made by Paul Thacker and Simon Morgan and took eleven and a half hours to make. So what do you do with a biscuit this size? Well the paid sold it on eBay for over £400 and donated the proceeds to Children in Need.

From the undunkable to the duck-abled. We’ve all been there, you have your nice warm cuppa in one hand, you biscuits in the other and then someone decides to give you a call. What do you do? Downing the biscuits will leave crumbs and you don’t have a coaster available for your hot mug! OK, so maybe you’re not as tidy as I am and you may have even used the non-lazy option and opted for a plate for your biscuits.

Here is the answer…

The Cookie Cup has room for a few biscuits, I’ve heard rumours of 3 digestives but I can not substantiate this fact! This mug provides a great way of putting your mug and biscuits in one hand leaving the other hand free for answer the door, phone or maybe making a pre-biscuit sandwich.

Some people are just not happy eating biscuits, whatever the material provided you can always guarantee two things…

1 – Someone, somewhere, will make a small house out of it.

2 – Someone, somewhere, will make a USB drive to look like one.

Novelty biscuits obviously spread beyond just being covered in white AND milk chocolate. Yeah that’s right, TWO different chocolates, mind blown right!? Ha! Of course not, this is all basically preamble to introduce what I believe to be the greatest (and maybe most famous) biscuit ever produced…

Yeah, it’s a cake and a very large, fancy and no doubt expensive one at that.  But before you click back to read the other great posts on that aren’t written by someone that doesn’t know the difference between a biscuit and a cake bear with me…

The details of this cake were a closely guarded secret but it was revealed that the cake was made using 1700 rich tea biscuits. Apparently it is Prince William’s favourite cake and the recipe was invented by the Chefs at Buckingham Palace and is still a secret.

So there you go, giant biscuits, biscuit holders, biscuit villages, digital biscuits and cakes that are biscuits. But if you would enjoy luxury biscuits delivered to your door then join the Bakers Pantry Biscuit Club.

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