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10 Fun Facts About Vegas

by Guest Author

In modern times whatever happens in Vegas stays on Facebook, but don’t let that put you off spending some time in the original City of Sin.
Las Vegas
These ten fun facts give you something to think about while booking your flights to Vegas.

1. Gambling Was Illegal
In 1910, Nevada reluctantly outlawed gambling; the law was so strict, you weren’t even allowed to toss a coin. Thankfully in 1931 the Nevada state legislature legalised gambling.

2. Buying a Round is Still Illegal
One quirky law still enforced in Nevada is that it’s illegal to buy drinks for more than four people at the same time.

3. Howard Hughes Refused to Leave
After billionaire Howard Hughes stayed at the Desert Inn for two years, staff had enough of his quirky ways and asked him politely to leave. Incensed, Hughes bought the hotel and continued to live there for years.

4. The Desert Inn Still Has Hughes’ Ice Cream in Their Freezer
Howard Hughes ordered 750 litres of Banana Ripple ice cream during his stay at the Desert Inn, but on arrival he decided he no longer liked it. Rumour has it there’s still some left in the freezer.

5. Paul Anka Sang Whilst Underage
Legendary singer Paul Anka was underage when he first sang in Vegas; to gain entry to a Vegas casino you have to be over 21, and Anka was only 18.

6. It’s Illegal to Bring a Gun Into The County
That may not be strictly true, but in order to bring a firearm into Clark County it must be registered with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. But to register your gun, you have to bring it to the station; which is in Clark County.

7. In 1931 Las Vegas Was The Divorce Capital of America
Ironic, considering the reputation Las Vegas now has for marriage (over 150 weddings per day).

8. Camels Were Used as Pack Animals
Between 1856 and 1870 the US military used camels in lieu of horses and mules due to their ability to bear more burden.

9. Hotels and Casinos Pump in Scents
It’s well known that the casinos of Las Vegas pump oxygen in to keep gamblers awake, but they also pump in perfumed scents such as coconut and perfume.

10. Unlucky Number Four
In Chinese culture the number four is considered unlucky; as Chinese high rollers are important to Vegas, some hotels have begun omitting the number 4 from floor plans.

About the author: James writes for Skyscanner.net, who compare flights to, among other places Vegas, Nevada. Despite a love for both Vegas and icecream, he’s never gone in search of Howard Hughes’s Banana Ripple Icecream.

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