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8 of the Funniest Wedding Disasters

by derek

Bride and Priest Fall into Pool


This is an epic wedding fail! It would really suck being the ring-bearer who caused this entire indecent.

Pole Dance Fail


This video is good enough just watching the drunk bimbo dancing and not having a care in the world. If you do decide to pole dance at a wedding, just remember 1) Don’t dance near a pole that supports the venue (too tempting) and 2) Don’t hurl your obese body onto a pole that supports the venue.

Groom Fallout


Right when the audience is about to fall asleep, the groom takes one for the team and passes out. The thud from his body landing along with everyone’s reactions is absolutely hilarious.

Can’t Stop Laughing


The groom laughs like a little girl chipmunk but overall this video is pretty funny. The ones who don’t take life too seriousness are usually the ones that end up staying together. If she can handle his laugh, then I wish them both the best of luck.

Taken Out Cold


A little girl gets slammed into a forced limbo. Usually- doing the limbo is a voluntary action. Dancing at a wedding can be dangerous!

Patty Cakes


It took me awhile to realize what exactly was suppose to be funny. Was it the bridesmaids from the 80s, the outdated music, or the fatty sitting on the stage? Never mind, it was the creepy DJ groping the woman who looks like a man! It’s great that he’s doing it blatantly on stage.

The Ultimate Rejection


This is one of those “special movie moments” that you have always wanted to see go wrong. Here it actually does. He forced her into a decision that she wasn’t’ ready for. Lesson learned: only ask someone to marry you in public if you’re absolutely certain they will say “yes” (and not slap you)!

Bouquet Toss of Death


Who will be the next bride to be? Scratch that. I meant, who will be the next woman leaving in an ambulance?

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