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15 Cool Sandwiches By Heather Sitarzewski

by Surveer

Have you seen this way cool, really funny sandwiches ever ??? Here are some awesome creation of artist. The reason for eating food is different from person to person. Some people eat to live and then there are a few who live to eat and in order to make the former eat and enjoy their meal.

But Heather Sitarzewski decided to prove that even such mundane objects as a school breakfast, you can diversify.

People like Heather Sitarzewski should go out of their way and develop a talent.

In order to get her son to eat healthy and enjoy his meals this smart mom surfed, imagined and cooked a gamut of geeky and very adorable-looking lunches everyday.

Starting from a simpler cartoons like generic style bento to angry birds, spongebob squarepants, miss piggy, goofy and so on.

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