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26 Cool Egg Designs

by Surveer

The egg is known as symbol of life as life get started with egg. However the day Starts with a healthy breakfast that includes eggs gives us and our family a nutritious start for the day. This is because nearly all the essential nutrients your body needs can be found in an egg.Incidentally, one of the legends of the eggs were dyed, not to mix cooked and raw (old people just do not know how to check them …). Those that are listed below, just does not mix with raw, because they are eggs of the project ”
New Egg

In addition an eggs can be used for making some other creative works.

Totan Kuzembaev

Boris Voskoboynikov and Dmitry Ovcharov

Mariya Kartseva  – “The View”

Vladislav Savinkin – “Hi-tech-Egg”:

Sergey Achkasov

Stanislav Kulish

Tatyana Varganova – “Emoegg”

Tatyana Smirnova

Amaliya Talfeld

Boris Uborevich – Borowski

Evgeniy Bakaev

Arhitekturnoe Byuro Sloboda – “War and Peace”

Aleksandra Achkasova

Aleksandra Achkasova – ‘Just egg “

Natalia Legotina

Edward Zabuga, Easter Egg, “The Trinity”

Karen Balian, Easter Egg “Crosses Malevich’s” Suprematist Easter egg.

Eugene Bakaev Author: Dmitry Kulish, Easter egg Aeterna Historia (lat. old story)

Vladimir Kuzmin

Author: Anna Karpova

Andrew Kartsev. Easter egg “perfect fish”

Author: Alexander Glickman, Easter Egg, “Arbour” Artist – Stanislav Moskvitin.

Authors: manipulazione internazionale, Easter Egg radio manipulazione

Images Source: www.lookatme.ru , http://www.firsanov.ru

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