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5 Bizarre Door Designs

by Ramon

Doors. Not typically the piece of household furniture design you would associate with bizarre designs. Most of us picture your average budget door when you think of doors and would consider a bright coat of paint the most dramatic change which could be made to one.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of household furniture, today’s consumer is more concerned with meeting a tight budget than striving for design excellence. Mass produced designs have become so much of a norm throughout the house that swerving any degree away from them may really upset your dinner guests.

No but seriously; there is a clear lack of variation from large scale door retailers, which is why we have put together this list of bizarre and interesting doors. If these don’t kick-start your mojo for the non-massed produced nothing will. Enjoy these awesome doors:

1. Glass door design

The internal door market is flooded with bland light wooden or semi-wooden doors. This beautiful glass door is not only made from a different material but can be customised with imagery of your choice. Not for households with small children or the heavy handed. Semi transparency also means that a sunny day can transform a room.

2. Printed door wallpapers

If you already succumbed to the pressure of boring design and purchased a mass produced door, fear not. Door wallpapers allow you to instantly transform any flat door into numerous printed variations. Add a secret tunnel, put a supermodel behind your door or simply update the colour. A cheap and very easy way to change the look of your room.


3. A hobbit’s door

Two doors are better than one, well what about three? Three doors in one are what you get should you decide to install this design marvel. Not only a really fun design; this door is practical for small children and adults alike – bizarre in design but extremely functional in build and material used.

4. A door of beer

Most of us like to unwind with the occasional beer or two, but who would have thought to create doors from the empty bottles? Johnsen Schmaling Architects that’s who. Held in place by a thin web of precision-milled neoprene which suspends each bottle in the aluminium frame. Not really designed for the home, these 9’- 6’ doors showcase what can be done with unusual materials.

5. The twisted fantasy door

Made from the sum parts of one door this fractured door really does remind us of something out of a sci-fi movie. It looks as though some giant fist has been smashed against it or it is going to disintegrate and leave a passage to another dimension!

These bizarre and interesting door designs were brought to you by Yale composite doors. Yale composite doors come in seven different styles; from Victorian to contemporary doors Yale has a design for you.

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