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70s Style Google Office in London (25 Photos)

by Surveer

Today, we present to you London office of Google, a nice mix of ’70s style and bizarre products constructed with recyclable materials. Thanks to Martin Varsavski to put photos on Flickr. British Google planned to move to a new residence for about a year ago on the same time, but only now we have reached to get this pictures of the inside and they look great.

Previously, Google rented two floors near Victoria Station The new premises holds a dominant environmental motives and bright colors.

A plain table or table tennis for six.

The middle of a big office “pods” hidden behind the fringe.

Bookshelves in the middle of the “pod” sofa for relaxation of engineers.

Subject office. These table lamps look like they’re made from recycled paper .

The whole office is one big reminder that it is “green.”

The garbage is sorted into different containers for further processing.

Some of the rooms are made in literally green. This one looks like a field of grass.

The whole office is perceived as one big open space.

Not without “cubes” for private meetings or private telephone calls.

There are many meeting rooms all of them are built with the idea of protecting the environment.

The main conference hall. Workers are likely going to Google’s typical Friday sessions “TGIF”(“Thanks God It’s Friday”).

The space, hidden in one of the office space and a gym.

Dumbbells … even picked up in the colors of Google.

Furniture combines the style of the 70s with some tinge of futurism.

These seats must be pretty darn comfortable.

The center of London.

On the terrace,  a ton of flora.

The whole office is flooded with light.

A Google office without toys?

Source: Habrahabr.ru

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