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Beautiful Aerial Landscape Photography By Matjaz Cater (16 Photos)

by max4u

Matjaz Cater is from Celje and he takes majority of the pictures in Slovenia. Matjaz Cater is also a well known Research person at the Slovenian Forestry Institute.He also sees the earth from different height. He can be also called as the master of the mist,who takes the pictures from a great height and evaluates the beauty of the nature and the world.

A beautiful scenery taken from a great height.

The Month of April

A silent flight in between the mountains.

Beautiful Mountains Covered with Snow.

Shadows which makes the picture look beautiful.

A only castle which can be seen in the Fog.

An aircraft Which aims to reach the sky.

The Birds Flying in the sky Which looks like a Bridge.

A bird flying in the sky.

A Morning in the Month of May.

A House Which Almost looks as if its a Haunted place.

A way Full Of Curves.

The Future Which is going to be Faced by Every Common Person.

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