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The Wooden Apartment in Moscow by Peter Kostelov (14 Photos)

by Surveer

Peter Kostelov is the designer of this apartment in Moscow with the Area of – 110 sq.m. The apartment is on the 5th floor of a tall multistory building with inner yard. Large balcony next to the dining room, low location of the apartment and a part of the house, which strongly shadowed the inner yard – all these didn’t let the sun get into this very part of the house.
The main problem was the lack of light in the room because of the low-rise, large balconies and windows overlooking the courtyard. A distinctive feature of the plan and simultaneously become a significant obstacle oblong room.

First of all, the designer has replaced the extra wall in the glass walls to let in natural light inside the apartment. If necessary, they may close curtains. As a result, living room, dining room, study and guest room are much lighter and more comfortable. Moreover, the central part of the apartments has been raised slightly in order to better catch the light from the windows.

The living room and office are “oak tube”, wood trim extends from floor to ceiling, passing the built-in cabinets, shelves and desk.

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