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Unique And Unusual Ring Designs

by Surveer

6,000 years ago, the custom of giving and receiving rings first appeared. People of all classes wore rings on different occasions. it indicated social status or belonging to a certain noble family.

Now rings are worn anywhere and anytime without any restrictions. Except one – the ring finger is always left to the main ring in your life – a wedding. We offer you a look at some unusual and unique designs of rings.

A couple of years ago, Korean singer wrote a song about how his tanned skin with a finger, which he used to wear a ring.

This ring is made of stainless steel and cut specifically for opening bottles.

Option for those who are very fond of rabbits.

Ring with a seal.

Hmm … a ring-key. For those who always lose the key.

Ring the “Bird’s Nest”.

Ring for fans of steampunk.

In these rings is written the phrase “I love you” in Braille (for the blind).

Pixel ring.

Ring for DJs.


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