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Why Guys enjoy Video Games and Girls Don’t

by Ramon

Flashing lights, explosions, mass chaos. You might be thinking, “am I in a warzone? This can’t be real!” Well your assumptions are correct. You’re caught up in the virtual fad of the century, known as the video game. Ever since the late 1960s, games have gradually increased their impact on society and have become a juggernaut industry of the modern world. But we all have the question, why do males, excluding females, typically enjoy video games more? There are several essential reasons to this trend.

Firstly, we must look at how men view the aspects of violence and of dominance. Males tend to take much greater pride from victory and from crushing their enemies. This sense of pride has been with us since our dawn; and can only be traced back to ancient times of man and our bloodlust for glory.

Secondly, we must think about how the human mind works. Females generally veer toward a friendlier, more social lifestyle. While the male tends to attribute their favoritism towards competitive lifestyles. This is why they tend to derive pleasure from games, work, and sports more than they do from social relations.

Thirdly, take into account the males tend to be more angry and aggressive. They often enjoy taking out their anger via video games because they make a good medium for channeling the destructive energies of anger. Girls do not naturally contain as much anger as males, resulting in less gaming.

Fourth, there is the aspect of engagement. Males tend to enjoy zoning out and being engaged in a single-function that requires their sole attention; if a male can be rewarded and reinforced to do this behavior, which is the basic basis of gaming (rewards to keep them playing) then they will continue to do so to gain that sense of achievement. Whether that sense is virtual or reality it doesn’t matter. The difference between males and females is that females tend to want a tangible reward and view video games as pointless and menial.

Lastly, men and women differ primarily in our upbringing. We look up to our fathers in a constant effort to try to impress and please them. Females generally do not feel as strong a need to impress their fathers or mothers. This constant desire to please their father leads to sports and gaming to win and seek a sense of fulfillment from gaining a “positive response” from their male-role model.

These are just a couple of examples of why men and women differ when it comes to the hot-topic of gaming; there are so many other biological and genetic factors that could be imported into the equation; but for now the main will cover well enough. Although men and women may differ when it comes to the value of virtual games, both sides must have the courtesy and common sense to realize each other’s viewpoints and respect one another’s goals and aspiration in life as long as it is not disruptive. Remember, gaming is always secondary to life.

About The Author:

Tim Frisch, being male, obviously loves video games.  He is also a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout in western Wisconsin.  He also contributes regularly to a health and nutrition focused website – PSCLife.com.  PSCLife.com is a leading retailer/low price leader of “Flora Five“, a probiotic supplement which is manufactured using a “triple-layer encapsulation” process for improved efficacy.

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