10 Fun College Courses

Just because you are in college, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in class. Although these courses are right on the borderline between useful and crazy, they will undoubtedly bring a bit of entertainment to a boring class schedule. You should take a minute to check them out when you get a chance.

Beatles – UCLA offers this interesting music history course that references one of music’s premier rock and roll groups. Students will explore the life and music of the Beatles, and how they rose to the top in the 1960s. If you love music, this class may be the perfect addition to your college schedule.

Tree Climbing – Did you love climbing trees as a kid? Have you always wanted to climb a tree but weren’t sure how? If so, this is the course for you.CornellUniversity offers this physical education class that will teach you the fundamentals of tree climbing. You will learn how to climb up into the canopy of a tree, roam around, and get from one tree to the next. Sounds crazy, but this class really exists.

Ballroom Dancing – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) might not sound like the type of school that would offer such a course, but they do. This class will teach you the basics and proper techniques of social ballroom dancing. You will perform steps from popular dances such as the Waltz, Tango, and Rumba. Get your dancing feet ready!

History Of Rock And Roll – Yet another fun offering from UCLA, this music history course will teach you all about rock and roll music. You will learn the various forms of rock and roll, as well as the background that goes along with each. The way rock and roll music has affected pop culture will also be explored in detail.

PE for ME – MIT offers this innovative course through its OpenCourseWare program, which provides free class offerings online. This physical education class basically uses exercise as a tool for creating and engineering advanced exercise equipment. In a sense, the gym becomes the lab for this course.

Walt Disney – This interesting theater arts course is offered by theUniversity ofCalifornia Santa Cruz. It explores Walt Disney’s influence on family entertainment as well as the many feature films he has created. Students will also learn about other Disney ventures, such as theme parks.

Lego Robotics – You can find this course through MIT’s OpenCourseWare program as well. It is a fun class that uses Lego blocks as tools to teach about robotics, electronics, and mechanical systems. It provides many ideas for creating robots and other projects out of Legos, and is basically a lab-type of course.

Kitchen Chemistry – Yet another offering from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, this class explores the idea that cooking is one of the oldest forms of chemistry. In this course, students will perform various experiments that will demonstrate the different chemical reactions that take place during cooking.

Advanced Makeup Techniques -MontclairStateUniversity offers this course that anyone with a passion for beauty and fashion will love. Many different aspects of makeup application and selection will be covered through hands-on lab experience. The effects of health and diet on beauty will also be explored.

Philosophy And Star Trek – Although this may not sound like a real college course, it is indeed andGeorgetownUniversity offers it. This course will examine philosophy by watching Star Trek, reading philosophical literature, and then discussing it all in class. Many questions will be brought up and answers will be determined through research and analysis.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to boring college courses, look no further than this list. All of these classes will give you a much different college learning experience, and chances are you will have a good time as well.


About the author: Guest post from Robin Price. Robin writes about online universities for OnlineColleges.net.

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