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10 Most Creative Flash Drives

by derek

You’ve probably noticed that flash drives are holding more memory, dropping in price, and becoming overall insane. What once was a form of data storage is now a toy, fashion statement, or piece of food. The following is a list of the funniest and most creative flash drives (available online).

The clothespin flash drive is functional and looks great. However, do not use outdoors.

It might be a little too tempting to have a fake slice of data bacon next to your computer all day.

If your girlfriend needs a lipstick touch up, give her this just to mess with her. Wouldn’t you love wiping a USB flash drive across your lips?

Sushi is taking over the world, including your flash drive. It’s a good thing these don’t spoil or smell fishy. The office would be a scombroid poisoning wasteland.

Pull my finger. Hold up, wait! I have files transferring.

Finally- something fun and functional. Wristband flash drives come in a variety of colors and styles. They are the newest fad. It’s data on the go.

This is the ultimate solution for boredom at work.

I could easily see this getting picked up and thrown away. Especially after finishing a bottle of wine. “Babe, where did you put our tax return?”

This is straight up high tech bling. Or maybe this was designed for the radical Christian mega-church gone even crazier. Now they can hold your personal and financial information around their neck.

The key flash drive looks pretty cool… until some idiot tries to turn it.

This is perfect. You get a screwdriver, knife, and flash drive– all in one! Imagine the possibilities.

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