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2012 Winners for the best figures sculpture made of Adhesive tape (15 Photos)

by max4u

The task of this unusual competition was to create the most unusual, interesting and believable figure, by just using rolls of the adhesive tape. Jake Longenecker from Manheim, Pennsylvaniais was the winner of this contest and he received 5000 dollars cash prize for the sculpture “Free Fall”, were he used fifteen and a half packs of adhesive tape to create a paratrooper of the Second World War.

Jake says that his goal was to create the action and intensity of such a simple and graceful act of flying in the sky.

In order to get a figure more accurate, jake started to wrapped with tape itself to keep proportion and naturalness.

Abigail Colety from Austin, Texas, was awarded the prize of one thousand dollars for a sculpture “Evening Game,” where he captured the two men, playing enthusiastic game of checkers, by using nine rolls of adhesive tape.

This sculpture is called “The Creation of Adam.” It was created by an artist Gavin M. Puyallup Wyoming from the state to complete the task it took him two weeks.

“Girl on the tight rope tape.” This sculpture was created by artist Michelle N, from Louisville, to create this beautiful sculpture she used twelve rolls of adhesive tape.

“Band of octopus.” by artist Lila F from Omaha, Nebraska. For this creation, the artist had used 55 rolls of adhesive tape. The most amazing thing is that some parts of the sculpture is moveable for example, strings and other component parts of musical instruments.

” Come Play with me”, created by artist Tania B, from Cape Coral, Florida, was made out of six rolls of adhesive tape.

“Jumpin-Jack”, created by artist William B. from Cape Coral, Florida, was made out of three rolls of adhesive tape.

“The Infinity” created by artist Michael H, Carmel, California, was made out of six rolls of adhesive tape.

“King of the Jungle”, created by artist Natasha M, Champlin, Minnesota.

“Family Vacation” created by artist Bryson G, Lincoln, was made out of 164 roll of adhesive tape.

Take a Seat and Fly Away, created by artist Alexis E, River Vale, New Jersey.

“SpiderMan”, created by artist Hillary G, from Diamond.

“Mermaid”, created by artist Natasha P. from Pittsburgh. To create a composition that includes a mermaid, seahorse, turtle, jellyfish and squid, she use twenty-six rolls of adhesive tape.

“Full of Hot Air”, created by artist Donna S. from Colorado Springs. composition is unusual in that there are lights inside, so the balloon glow.

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