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5 Costumes to Dress as with Your Dog

by Guest Author

Dressing up for Halloween is one of those rare occasions where adults can break throw off the work clothes and dress in absurd ways. Sometimes, this absurdity is jut more fun when your pet dresses up, too. Don’t just dress your pet in a costume. Dress your pet to match you! Here are the weirdest or coolest costumes to wear with your pet.

Link and Princess Zelda

We know you sometimes like to pull out that battered Zelda game and play for a few hours. It’s okay; it’s never a bad thing to keep your skills up in case Princess Zelda ever needs saving. This Halloween, you can embrace your old school skills and dress as Link. Put your pup in a Princess Zelda costume, so everyone knows how successful you are at the game.

Dog costume by YoungUrbanPuppy on etsy

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

You’re never too old to carry around a lightsaber, but Halloween is probably the best time to get away with it. There’s also no downside to being the hero Luke Skywalker. You wouldn’t want your Princess Leia pooch to be killed by Darth Vader would you?

Hot Dog and Hot Person

Human hot dog costumes are pretty popular right now. But what if your pretty dog is worried you’re stealing her identity? Just trade places for the day. With a little wig and perhaps a tiara, your dog can pass as, well, a hot person.

Cardinals Player and Squirrel

Embrace the hot topic of the moment with the Cardinals’ Rally Squirrel. Your dog will surely enjoy receiving some recognition for boosting the Cards to the World Series. Just make sure he doesn’t try to chase himself during the night. If the Cardinals aren’t your team, put on any jersey in recognition of the newest unofficial mascot of Major League Baseball.

Batman and Joker

Who controls when you wake up? Who controls how fast you walk? Yep, you may be the master, but your dog is really in charge. At least for the night, you can admit who really heads up the household. Everyone knows Batman beats the Joker in the end.


About the author: Terry Carter writes about Head Trip Incense.

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