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15 of the Coolest Business Cards

by neha

Breast Enhancement

A doctor specializing in breast enhancement uses two rubber inserts in the business card to show what kind of results that can be done by using him as a Plastic Surgeon. Quite creative I must say!

Cargo Company

A cargo company uses this simple trick to transform the traditional business card into a little box they use for transporting cargo air. Impressive!

Divorce Mediator

A divorce mediator uses condoms to show off his service. These cards are meant to be placed in sleazy hotel rooms, and hopefully not passed around the mediation table.

Fashion Designer

A fashion stylist uses graphical representation of his eclectic tastes,  that consists of transparencies that allow you to ‘dress’ a silhouette of a woman. Each transparency depicts fashion apparel from boots to hair accessories.

Security Consultant

A security consulting firm uses a break-out lock picking kit to show that they are hack-free!

Graphic Designer

A graphic designing company uses a pop-up fax machine within its business card. When you open the card, a pop-up of a fax machine offers up a fax with a message. Now this is truly revolutionary!

Dog Coach

A dog coach shows his love for dogs with a sweet treat for its clients. The cards are actual puppy treats you can give to your dogs!

Telecom Engineer

A telecom engineer presents his technical expertise with a functional circuit board  in his business card. If a potential employer breaks off the extra prongs and inserts the device into a USB port, he can view files including the CV and Cover Letter of the engineer. Now that’s what we can call marketing yourself :P

Debt Recovery Agent

“If you don’t give me the money, I’m gonna break your finger.” That’s the message that this effective business card by a debt recovery agent sends with its x-ray image of a broken thumb tip!

Make-up Company

A great way to leave your mark. This rubber stamp was created for a makeup company that allows the owner to ‘stamp’ paper, napkins, cards, or anything else!


A headhunter wants you to be discreet about being contacted by him. So, in addition to his contact information, he has thoughtfully provided instructions for disposing of the card – by eating it. Now that’s one headhunter you are never gonna forget!

Toy Card

This toy stored really turned their business card into entertainment. To allude to their easy to assemble furniture, the brand launched an unprecedented action that converts the business card in a little chair!

Greek Restaurant

A Greek restaurant uses broken plates to promote their business.

Meat Cards

These meat cards are business cards with your info burnt into them using a 150 watt CO2 laser and with screw die-cutting. These business cards have two ingredients: MEAT AND LASERS. The good thing is they stay intact no matter what!

Make-up Artist

A hair make up artist uses this unusual business card with hairpins. Hair pins are attached to the card in a way that makes them look like the hair of a woman. Once you use up the pins, the card is easy to slip into your wallet!

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