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20 Hilarious Photobombs

by neha

Just when you were about to get the “perfect wedding shot” you find a stranger riding the horse, all so naked!!

The monkeys display their amazing talent with the bunch of ladies on the left!

A perfect example of stealing the limelight!

This pic with school going kids is really not meant for school kids!

A perfect beach photo…ruined!

Thanks for the drink!

This is the jungle effect in the background. No grudges :P

A perfect family pic with a stranger’s ass!

Now that’s what I call – a perfect beach vacation!

What a bummer!

Nice stunt!!

Vomiting Photobomb!

I wonder how they can maintain their smiles!

Poor boy!

A perfect wedding…indeed!

Just saved!

Nice pose!

Self-portrait photobomb!

Big Ass Photobomb!

A lot of effort down the drain!

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