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5 Fun and Interesting Facts about Men and Women

by Guest Author

There are tons of funny and sometimes sarcastic facts about men and women available in joke-books or online citation sites. Anyone can search these and have a laugh reading about things. But on the serious note, millions of scientists and psychologists have studied for years, researcingh to bring out interesting facts about men and women. These may sound funny but these are true as anything!

1. Men Listen Less
There can be millions of women who would complain that men do not listen attentively to what they say. The fact is that this is an absolutely true accusation! Most men really can not listen to long chats of women. According to a psychologist friend of mine, this is because men need to solve problems and do things. Chatting about their problems stressed them out.  Women on the other hand relax by talking about issues.  Men listen less because to listen more would increase their stress amount.

2. Who is a Better Time-waster?
Most of the people will scream out, “Women”, when such a question is asked! But the fun-fact is both of them can waste equal amounts of time with the non-productive things they are passionate about! Women may waste their time in certain ways including putting on makeup or standing before the mirror, but men can give them shoulder-to-shoulder competition with the time they spend on sports, computer stuff and video games.  In the case of wasting time, Gender Equality rules!

3. Twisting Tidiness
Women are always considered to be the tidiest among the two genders. But it is shockingly true that, in real life, men are tidier than women; or at least they want to.  A research showed that only 20% of the single men change their bed sheets once in a month. Others do it more frequently. And most men also can not stand even a spot in their clothes when women may just ignore that!

4. That Fatty Issue
Most women find it hard to get back in shape once they have gained a few extra pounds. Men can lose weight quickly though it seems. It is a fact that women burn fat more slowly than men, almost about 50 calories a day. On the other hand, most men can do that with much more ease! Women‘s bodies are made differently and store fat more easily. They also have a higher body proportion of fat, probably for child-bearing reasons. So, women feel a little bit better about your body: it was designed to work the way it does

5. The Smarty-pants!
A lot of studies show that women, in general, have a higher IQ level than men! They are also able to think differently than men do. Women think rather emotionally when men tend to think about practical issues! In addition, women tend to see the whole picture where men will concentrate on one issue.

Of course, there are many different differences between the sexes. These are just a few of them. The next time your significant other drives you crazy, do some research.  You just might end up laughing about the differences between men and women instead of wanting to pull out your hair.

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