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5 of the Oddest Inventions You’ve ever seen

by Guest Author

Everything we use on a daily basis has been invented.  I mean, who thought of things like a device that allows you to talk across the world?  What about a metal heater that is meant for smoking, but is actually used for electrical transfers?  Most of us wouldn’t imagine these things.  We jut assume them.  However, there’s nothing like the unique inventions we now find on a daily basis. Here are five of the oddest things you’ll find across the planet:

The R.I.O.T.  (The Reinvention of the) Wheel

The Knife holder for those of us who want to be a carny.


This is one of those things that make you feel ironic when you’re smoking.  Almost like you want to stop.


We all know how lazy cats are.  This little device will make the cat work for you (And hate you in the process)


For the man with a incessant “jumping-on-the-bed” habit.


This post was by Christopher Hutton.  Chris is an “Idea Geek”.  He writes at his blog Liter8 Ideas about ideas that will make you think. These include technology, economics, comedy, and even (Gasp!) politics.  To find out more, visit liter8.net.

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