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8 Controversial Video Games

by derek

At first, you might think “controversial video games” translates to “violent video games.” This list includes violent games but also a slew of other hot topics. Sex, racism, bullying, rape, beheading, and the Taliban are all included.


Why: Rape forming a core role in game play.

Yes- you rape people in this video game. Perhaps it keeps the creepers from raping people in real life? This could clearly go either way.

Grand Theft Auto

Sex, drug use, racism, nudity, language, drunk driving, and violence against civilians and law enforcement officers.

The objective in every “Grand Theft Auto” game is to kill people and make money. This game was bound for attention.



Why: Violence and killing innocent civilians.

This is “Grand Theft Auto” gone postal…if that’s even possible.

Mortal Kombat


Why: Violence and extreme gore.

The fatalities keep getting more and more extreme. Remember when getting thrown into a spike pit was intense? Times have changed.


Why: You squeeze simulated breasts to control the game.

The feminists are going mad! But these two look like they are having a blast.

Resident Evil 5

Why: Accusations of racism.

Why would critics ever say this is racist? You only nuke an African village full of children.



Why: Violence in a school setting.

I can see why this is getting a lot of controversy. Oprah would definitely not approve.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Why: Accusations that the game promotes religious “convert or kill” violence, sexism and racism.

What would you do after the Rapture? Now you can plan accordingly if not selected by Jesus to join him in heaven.

Ethnic Cleansing

Why: Racially motivated violence with white supremacist themes.

The name alone sounds wrong. The game was developed by Resistance Records, an underground music label owned by the National Alliance specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist bands.

Medal of Honor


Why: Allowing players to play as the Taliban.

This is obviously hitting a sensitive topic. Why would you encourage players to be playing as part of an extreme terrorist organization?



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