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9 Outrageous Camping Products

by Ramon

The Dog Tent

It seems pretty crazy that a dog, known for its survival skills and love of the outdoors would need its own tent on a camping trip. If your dog needs its own tent, you might want to consider not bringing it along because it’ll need to rough it in the outdoors. Instead of getting this tent, simply let the dog sleep in your tent or under a canopy outside.


Bumper Dumper

There are a lot of pretty crazy options for relieving yourself while out in the wilderness, but the Bumper Dumper takes the cake. You hook the “toilet” up to your bumper or to anything really, plop yourself down and let ‘er loose. While this Bumper Dumper has a bag, I’ve seen images without the bag. A true environmental disaster.


GSI Outdoor Vortex Blender

Have you ever gone into the woods and yearned to make homemade coffee, margaritas or pesto? Me neither. While I’m sure this hand-cranked blender works fantastically, the idea of needing this contraption when you’re trying to reconnect with nature seems just wrong.

Electric Marshmallow Roaster

If you’re the kind of person who feels burdened by doing simple tasks, this is the item for you. The Electric Marshmallow Roaster is basically a metal arm that rotates. So, all you do is put it over the fire, turn on the switch and watch your marshmallows go. I still don’t think this is easier than grabbing a stick and rotating it yourself.


Scarebear Trail Companion (iPhone App)

Whenever you’re in imminent danger of a bear attack in the woods, nothing is more useless than the Scarebear Trail Companion iPhone app. The way the app works is that when you see a bear, you just launch the app, select your option and shake. It makes noises that scare bears, such as bells, whistles and handclaps. The only problem is by the time you launch it, you’ll already be eaten.


Coleman Propane Fry Well

The last frontier of taking appliances into the forest is the coveted deep fryer. This item is for those who can’t live without deep-fried calamari or deep-fried chicken wherever they go.


Cruzin Cooler

The Cruzin’ Cooler is exactly what is sounds like, a motorized cooler. This is most definitely one of the most outrageous things you can take on a camping trip. People go camping to embrace the outdoors, not drive around on a little cooler.



Along the same lines as the outdoor blender, the Handspresso banks on people’s unrelenting need for a latte or cappuccino, even while enjoying Mother Nature. Again, the Handspresso seems like it works well, but is simply unnecessary.



For the light packer who wants to go camping with only one item, make sure it’s the JakPak. Aside from its pretty ridiculous name, this camping item packs a jacket, sleeping bag and tent into one stylish article. The concept is pretty cool, but the idea of using this thing is simply outrageous.


About the author: Timothy Martinez Jr. is a freelance writer and contributes to a number of blogs, including the official blog of Camping Gear Outlet.

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