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19 Funny and Creative Packaging

by Surveer

We are often taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in the field of sales of “cover” of the goods, that is, its packaging, sometimes one of the most important factors in the sale. A packaging design is a critical component in marketing because it is the packaging that makes it stand from the rest when consumers choose a product from the shelf.

We usually see the packaging first instead of an innovative product. Well you think about how much time you buy some trifle only because it was fun to pack? Original functions of packaging, such as “save”, “protect” and “to deliver the value and safety,” took a back seat.

Packing for bread with the image of a dwarf, where the bread itself – its hood.

Sound familiar? According to the number of beatings ketchup probably went to all lovers of BDSM together.

Here, apparently, the usual pizza box in which you ordered your favorite “Kalzone” from neighboring pizzeria.

Open the box – and inside the mouth and the words drawn from the well known company of toothpaste Colgate: «Do not let the breath of his dinner to be your morning breath. Wake up to fresh. ”

Eat pizza, admire clean healthy mouth and go brush your teeth.

Known company against Clearasil acne has released a new tool in the creative packaging.

Now, to get a tablet, you need to squeeze it. How annoying pimple.

Interesting packaging for disposable glasses of Coca-Cola.

What could be better than to sit down with a bottle of wine in front of cozy crackling fire? American company Cole & Weber picked pine logs and cut holes in them for a bottle of wine.

And inside – a bottle of the wine itself, and instructions for use. A great addition to a romantic dinner outdoors.

Beer and origami. People often tear label beer while drinking it. Why pluck? Fold the label of a flower! On the label already has the necessary pointers.

Green tea.

Parmesan cheese in the form of pencils. Sharpener included.

Now decorate pasta or salad even easier!

A guided pointers on the package, you will be able to understand not only how much grated parmesan you need for food, but also how many calories is in each serving.

Waterproof watch, sold in a package with the water.

We believe in what we see. It seems a great way to convince the buyer that the watches are really waterproof.

CD cover of Vancouver “Vonnegut Dollhouse”.

Hair Accessories.

Jars of jam in the form of fruit, of which the jam.

Combine these two concepts and, voila! – In a towel on the tip of a pencil eraser.

Interesting packaging cupcakes.

Packing for paint brush with humor. It would seem that to do to paint brush stands out in the store?

It’s simple! You can think it’s such a fun package.

Creative design on bags. Similar packages are delivered in New York stores.

Buying food, you can see what you fill the “stomach” package, and, respectively, and their own.

Jars of jam in the form of fruit, of which the jam.


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