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Funny Domain Names

by Ramon

If you thought your domain name was unusual or peculiar, these websites will blow yours out of the water. From inappropriate to just plain ridiculous, we’ll compiled a list of the top 10 domain names that will make you giggle, squirm, or just give these URL’s a double take.

1. Get Rich Slowly. There may be a million sites devoted to get rich quick schemes, but how many websites do you know of that guarantees a slow and methodical way to increase your dough? The domain name may be funny and peculiar, but the idea behind it makes sense: financial freedom comes with the right amount of planning. Laugh it all the way to the bank!

2. Draw a Pig. Do you want to tap into your personality in a unique way? Draw a pig! Draw the animal and learn more about yourself on a Tuesday morning then you ever thought you could.

3. Toothpaste for Dinner. Your dentist won’t know about this site (don’t expect this website to be devoted to oral hygiene) but if you’re in the mood to stare for endless hours at humorous cartoons, you’ve come to the right place.

4. Boing Boing. A collection of random books, tidbits from the best movies, thoughts during caffeine hallucinations and thought provoking scientific facts that just may influence you to go back to college for your astrology degree are just some of the gems you can find here.

5. Spamusement. Ok, so you’re a cartoon lover but are tired of the same-old, same-old? View Spamusement’s gallery of hilarious cartoons all inspired by spam subject lines. The skill level of the cartoons isn’t anything to write home about, but the creativity is there as each cartoon is inspired by a spam subject line!

6. Funny Names. Don’t waste your time with another bad rerun this Monday night. Try sitting in front of the computer instead and viewing the funny names that exist. From the just plain strange to downright laugh-out-loud, Funny Names will keep you smiling. Really? Someone actually named their son Adam Baum (Adam Bomb) and Accident, MD?

7. Witty Sparks. Witty Sparks is the perfect platform for putting your thoughts somewhere where someone can see it and respond! Read about everything from inspiring and comical ways to market yourself online to how to impress your future employer.

8. Giggle Sugar. Plug into this website, Giggle Sugar on a regular basis and you’ll never be without funny commentary on anything you need it for! From brutally honest relationship advise your best friend would never give you to the recaps from The Bachelorette, it’s funny, entertaining and refreshing.

9. We Make Money Not Art. Check out the featured video of apes in a living room watching Teletubbies. Strange yet oddly funny? We think so and chances are, you will too.

10. Slurls. A collection of funny, too-good-to-be-true URL’s you have to see for yourself. From rateaten.com to choosespain.com, you’ll enjoy hours of entertainment over and over again with these hilarious, strange and thought provoking domain names!


About the Author: E. Steadman writes for Mintleaf Studio. If you’re after solid web design Melbourne has what you need!

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