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Top 5 Weirdest Travel Gadgets

by Guest Author

We all know that there are some very practical travel gadgets. However, there are also some gadgets that are just plain weird. These gadgets are some examples of travel accessories that are better at attracting attention than serving a valuable purpose.


1. Customized Airline Seat Cover

Commercial airlines may not have the jazziest looking seats. However, you can make your seat stand out with a customized seat cover. Imagine the line of passengers backing up and being delayed as you calmly ask the others to wait while you put your seat cover on. You probably won’t get many smiles or nods. There really is no purpose for this gadget aside from trying to stand out.


2. The Cabin Pillow

Cabin Pillow
This large gray pillow looks like a cross between a small trash bin and a sleeping bag. It’s designed to sit atop the tray table on the back of an airline seat. While the idea is different, there are a couple problems with this item. First, it’s awkward and bulky. Second, if the person in front of you decides to recline their seat, you can say goodbye to any hopes of a comfortable ride. If you really want to bring your own pillow, you’re far better off bringing an inflatable neck pillow.


3.The Pillowig

Just as the name implies, this travel gadget is a fusion between a pillow and a wig. It’s a pillow that is worn on the head. The pillow is attached to a cap that fits securely around the top of the skull. Some of these fasten under the chin. You’ll definitely draw the attention of others. You can sleep in the airplane, in the airport or anywhere. However, with so many security issues going on at airports, you may find yourself in line for a special screening.

4. Solar Safari Hat

Solar Safari Cool Hat
Good intentions were behind this design. However, it simply isn’t practical. Anyone who has been on a safari or has researched safaris knows that there is no use for a hat like this. During many times of the year, the heat is unbearable. When the heat is extremely intense and you’re in the sun, this hat isn’t going to make your head feel any cooler. If you want to keep your head cool, you’re probably better off with a visor. If you have trouble starting up conversations with others in the group, this hat is an interesting conversation piece and will definitely serve as an ice breaker.


5. USB Air Conditioned Shirt

USB Air Conditioned Shirt
Who doesn’t want a shirt that blows cool air across your back and torso during intense heat? Such a shirt sounds perfect if you’re planning on sitting outside in the middle of the desert. It would also be great if you were running or exercising in the hotel’s fitness room. However, the downfall is that it’s connected to a USB. In order to enjoy that nice cool air, you have to be hooked up to your laptop and have a powerful battery. This shirt would be a better seller if it were marketed toward office workers instead of travelers.


There are plenty of other weird travel gadgets. These five really take the cake though. If you enjoy making people stare and ask questions, you can find these items online for reasonable prices.


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