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Artist Paints Using Remote-Controlled Toy Cars

Photo via Yellow Wheels

This guy, Ian Cook, makes paintings in some unique ways! He dips the remote control car in paint and drives the car on the sheet to make some cool paintings.

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Cuisine K1 – The Compact Kitchen

In today’s life space is a very big issue so its always good to have compatible things at use.

This beautiful kitchen is named as Cuisine K1 & it’s a very compact and all packed inside a small cabinet.

Opening the flip of the top will reveal a functioning sink, with two small stove tops and enough space for preparing the food.

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5 Amazing Sculptures

Throughout time, sculptures have always traditionally been set in stone, metal or clay. Today’s highly creative and technically advanced world has opened up the stage for sculptures that are far beyond anything the forefathers of art could have imagined. Using natural resources, sculptures such as sand art, ice sculptures and wood carving, or even functional sculptures that everyday found items such as mechanical parts, these artists have taken their medium to a whole new level.

1. Vissicitudes Underwater Sculpture

Jason de Caires creates statues that are found deep beneath the surface of the ocean. Rather than creates unchanging and lasting artworks, he uses the organic growth of coral and other organisms to naturally develop his sculptures into something very otherworldly. This sculpture, called Vissicitudes, took four hours per day over a full week to assemble underwater using scuba equipment. Depending on the size and nature of his sculptures, it can take up to ten crew members and five divers to assemble underwater.

2. Handbag Wood Sculpture

Hand carved by artist Livio De Marchi, this realistic handbag was created out of pine and balsa wood. The realistic touches such as the zipper and eyeglasses case peeking out of the bag front pocket add a surreal element to this sculpture, while the texture of the wood replicates the fine texture of quality leather.
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9 Creative Wallet Designs

Crossword Wallet: This Crossword Wallet measures 4″x4.5″ folded; it got special pockets for ID and credit cards, as well as a deep one for cash.

$100 Bill Wallet: This ain’t the safest one to carry but a very innovative one for sure. This $100 Bill Wallet ($16.02) will make you feel like you’re loaded! Forget the economic downturn as you walk around with a wallet that looks like a stack of $100 bills!

Lego Wallet: If you’re looking for something a little more original to keep your hard earned cash in, these handmade LEGO Wallets are definitely something to consider.
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8 Most Unusual Nail Designs

Guess you won’t need a fork with this kind of coral nail design!

Stay in the spirit of Christmas now and whenever you want!
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5 Cool and Unusual Lamps

Guest post by: B for

Let there be light! In the most unusual and creative ways. Here are 5 examples of lamps that will not only add character to your apartment, but are perfect conversation starters for those awkward moments.

This lamp not only works as a good bedside companion, but also as a great bookmark! Bonus: Turns your lamp into a house. Am the only one amused by this?

Who said night lights are only for kids? I will be more than happy to have one of these in my bedroom guarding me from the Boogeyman.
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8 Most Unusual Shoe Designs

The sleek design in brown and pink reminds of a dog that’s gone head over heels in style!

This leather bold shoe design gives a tongue twist at the heels!

The skate shoe design is inspired by a sport – roller skating.
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15 of the Coolest Business Cards

Breast Enhancement

A doctor specializing in breast enhancement uses two rubber inserts in the business card to show what kind of results that can be done by using him as a Plastic Surgeon. Quite creative I must say!

Cargo Company

A cargo company uses this simple trick to transform the traditional business card into a little box they use for transporting cargo air. Impressive!
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