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5 Weird Beverages – Who Dares to Drink This?

by Guest Author

Curry-flavored Lemonade

It must be a new Japanese culinary wonder! A promising label states: “A miraculous collaboration of curry and lemonade” , wow…this bizarre drink combines such different tastes in one bottle – now all your expectations can be satisfied at once, of course if you dare try it.
There is no data of who invented this, but if I met the person, I would definitely ask – “Why curry?” The answer would probably be… “Why not curry?” Those who have tried it say that the taste is very doubtful, so please be careful while sharing the bottle with anyone, they may spit it out on you…

Kopi Luwak

The most expensive coffee on Earth comes from a piece of shit! Cute brown animals called Palm Civet eat coffee berries and “donate” their excrements to Indonesian producers…They wash it, dry, blend and sell worldwide. This coffee is most valued for the unique fermentation process inside of the animal, which adds some special aroma to the beans. Doctors say that this beverage is quite safe – all the microorganisms are easily killed during washing and roasting. But it must be funny to sip it when you know the whole story and were these beans come from…

Beer with Milk? It’s Bilk!

Beyond doubt, it has nothing to do with the drunken cow (beer-lower) that feeds her kids with the alcohol milk; no…this is another sensation from the Japanese brewers. Imagine – you can take your daily dose of calcium and a have nice time! Funny thing is it has a fruity taste and goes well with the sweets, but would you personally dare to test your digestion and swallow this creative liquid?

Pig Placenta

Ordinary people can hardly imagine anything more disgusting than drinking blood. Remember the old fairy- tales about vampires? Those monsters would probably desire to visit Japan and try a glass of this “refreshing” elixir. According to ads, this liquid makes people look beautiful and fruity, everyone becomes young again. No, sorry, only those who dare swallow it… To mask its bloody origin, producers have added some peach flavors, so no worries – you won’t smell like a vampire after you try it.

Beverage Made of Bird’s Nest

Another doubtful drink – get prepared… it is made of bird’s spit) Imagine how many days the poor animal had to work for the beverage producers? It is actually made of the pieces of Swallows’ nests and sold in Thailand and other countries. Because of the difficult extraction and production processes, this drink is not very cheap. Manufacturers claim that it’s a worthy thing, well…at least interesting! People say that this beverage may improve the skin health condition and help to stay full of energy. Some of you may dare and try it without risks for the health.


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