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Donald Trump Got Tricked Into Retweeting a Photo of Serial Killers

by Ramon

Donald Trump, once again, is the laughing stock of Twitter! He was tricked into tweeting a picture of two serial killers.

This brilliant prank began by a tweet from Phil Bradbury, asking Trump for a favor:


And since Mr. Big Ego loves to show how much his fans love him, he quickly retweeted @feckhead’s tweet!

Donald Trump retweet


The picture was obviously not Bradbury’s parents’, but instead, it’s a picture of Fred & Rose West, who tortured and raped numerous young women and girls, murdering at least 11 of them, including their own family members!

Other users were quick to take advantage of Trump’s mistake, requesting retweets for their own villainous “family members.”




After figuring out the prank, Mr. Butthurt tweeted that some “jerk” tricked him and maybe he will sue him!

Relax, Donald, maybe instead of suing everyone you should just laugh and get over yourself.

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