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Last Meals of 20 Rich and Famous People

by max4u

1. Michael Jackson

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-001Spinach salad with chicken breast.

2. Princess Diana

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-002Diana ate a mushroom and asparagus omelette, Dover sole, and vegetable tempura.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-003President Lincoln dined on mock turtle soup, roast Virginia fowl with chestnut stuffing, baked yams, and cauliflower with cheese sauce.

4. Elvis Presley

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-004Elvis ate one of his usual early-morning snacks: four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies.

5. Frank Sinatra

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-005A grilled cheese sandwich.

6. Mahatma Gandhi

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-006Dinners of goat’s milk, cooked vegetables, oranges, and a concoction of ginger, sour lemons, and strained butter mixed with aloe juice.

7. Marilyn Monroe

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-007Selections from a Mexican buffet that had been delivered to her Brentwood home.

8. Saddam Hussein

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-008Boiled chicken and rice, along with several cups of hot water laced with honey.

9. Jimi Hendrix

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-009Tuna fish sandwich.

10. James Dean

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-010Slice of apple pie and a glass of milk at a roadside diner.

11. Rasputin

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-011Honeyed cakes, Madeira wine, black bread, and Russian hors d’oeuvres.

12. Adolf Hitler

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-012Hitler ate spaghetti with “light sauce” (although some biographers say he had lasagna).

13. Liberace

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-013A bowl of cream of wheat with half & half and brown sugar.

14. John Lennon

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-014Lennon ate a corned beef sandwich before going to a New York recording studio to work on one of Yoko Ono’s new singles.

15. John F. Kennedy

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-015Coffee, orange juice, two boiled (five-minute) eggs, some toast, and marmalade on the side.

16. Julia Child

Julia Child At Her Home In Cambridge, Mass.A bowl of French onion soup.

17. Ernest Hemingway

EH 2723PNew York strip steak, baked potato, caesar salad, and a glass of Bordeaux.

18. John Candy


19. General Custer

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-019Roasted buffalo steaks, beans with molasses, roasted wild corn, and prairie hen.

20. John Belushi

Last-Meals-of-20-Rich-and-Famous-People-020Belushi scarfed down a bowl of the lentil soup in the Rainbow’s kitchen.

Via: mentalfloss.com

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