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One Of The Deepest Caves In The World

by Surveer

These photos are taken during the descent into one of the deepest and most dangerous caves in the world. Long ago, our ancestors were using caves as shelter from wild animals and the forces of nature. 32-year-old British photographer Robbie Shone has passed this journey, which is accompanied by a 20 caves. A dangerous journey “to the center of the earth.”

Daredevils descended to a depth of 1200 meters – the Gouffre-Berger cave, which is located on the plateau of weed Vercors massif in the French Alps.

Until 1963 it was considered the deepest abyss in the world, has not yet given way to the cave, Pierre-Saint-Martin. Later studies of other caves “pushed” her in the list of the deepest further.

At present depth of 1323 m Berger, and the total length of over 30 km of moves.

The cave is technically difficult. The return from the bottom of the cave to the surface can take 15 to 30 hours without long breaks.

Pavodkoopasna cave. In recent years the Berger killed six people, five of them – as a result of flash floods.

Gufr Berger was opened in 1953 by Joseph Berger and Berger translated abyss.

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